Fake news.


The most successful fake news ever is probably the “RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB” fake story. Pakatan Harapan went all out to plant this story into the heads of Malaysians and the majority, even those from Umno and Barisan Nasional, believed it.

I was not sure whether the story was true or not. But then I spoke to someone who had actually travelled to Saudi Arabia and had met the donor of that RM2.6 billion. The member of the Saudi Royal Family concerned showed this person the documents to prove that the transaction did exist.

This person who told me the story is a known Anwar Ibrahim supporter — at least at that time. I then told the PAS president about this episode and even revealed the identity of the person who has seen the documents and had told me about it — and Tok Guru Abdul Hadi Awang commented that the person concerned is an Anwar man.

A blogger needs to work based on whistle-blowers, deep throats, informers and ‘flies on the wall’. If not, how we do we get information such as the story of Tan Sri Rashpal Singh having an affair with a married woman and making her pregnant? – Raja Petra


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